Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stephen King Library Desk Calendars

What the heck!
While we're at it, let's take a look at another cool Stephen King Library collectable series.
That's the set series of annual Desk Calendars that were put out for the years of 2006 to 2014.
I refer to them as a set series as, to my knowledge, 2014 was the 9th and last year they were made available.

That's my Desk Calendars standing up on the back left of  the top shelf.
Just as in the Red Leather editions, these Desk Calendars were only made available to members of the Book Club.
There were a total of four different Editors, or Hosts if you will, for each of these wonderfully fun Calendars.  They were Ben Hallman - 2006 & 2007; Scott Lynch - 2008; Robin Furth - 2009; and Jay Franco - 2001, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Robin Furth also contributed a cool Intro Piece for the 2012 edition titled "WHAT IS MID -WORLD?"
The format for the calendars was a 2 page spread for each week of the year, where you could make notes, lists or schedule your daily activities. 
That's right, 52 spreads of great stuff every year!!!
Across the bottom of each 2 page spread would be some Stephen King related article or piece of  fan interest.  Trivia games, excerpts from novels, puzzles, historical info and details to King's works and stories and many other great articles related to The Stephen King Universe.  Every week was a new surprise and adventure. 
Throughout the daily date headings, were the occasional listings of significant King related dates.  All very cool and fun stuff.  
A shot of all nine years together.
Years 2006, 2007, and 2008 along the top.
Years 2009, 2010, and 2011 across the middle.
Years 2012, 2013, and 2014 across the bottom.
A variety of the 2 page spread format for each week of the year.
A closer look at the type of content to be explored. 
Here's the introduction from Robin Furth for the year she was Editor.
All in all, very cool items to have and explore.  There are hours upon hours of pure Stephen King joy!!! 
Thanks for stopping in again, and I hope you are enjoying the posts.

The Stephen King Library Red Leather Editions

OK, it's time to get my little project back on course.  I do hope to keep a pace of about one post every week or so.  I've been lazy for a few...

So let's try this...
There was a set of special Stephen King editions published that were known as "The Red Leather Editions"
They were put out by a Book of the Month group known as "The Stephen King Library".
My Red Leather editions.
These were editions that were only made available to members of the Book Club.  Each book was bound in a red faux leather with Stephen King's signature stamped on the front cover in gold. 
There were a total of 37 King books that got this published treatment. 
They have become a sought after item for King Fans and can be found today on the "Secondary Markets", for those hearty collectors out there who have long "Needful Kings" lists.  That's how I got mine.
For those interested, the list of titles (in chronological order of original publication) were:
Carrie, Salem's Lot, The Shining, Night Shift, The Stand, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, Cujo, Different Seasons, Christine, Pet Sematary, Thinner, Skeleton Crew, It, Eyes of the Dragon, Misery, The Tommyknockers, The Dark Half, Four Past Midnight, The Stand Uncut, Needful Things, Gerald's Game, Delores Claiborne, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Insomnia, Rose Madder, Desperation, Bag of Bones, Storm of the Century, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Hearts in Atlantis, On Writing, Secret Windows, Dreamcatcher, Black House,  Everything's Eventual, and From a Buick 8.
Of the original 37 books, I have 31.  I am still only missing the six titles listed in Italics.
That's why this constant reader is also a constant seeker.
Anyone out there have extras for sale or trade?... Just Askin'... 

Here's some closer looks at these unique King editions:

The one stat I would really like to know is, just how many copies of each edition were printed???
If there is anyone out there with that kind of information, OR knows where to find the info, please let us know.
Thanks for stopping in, I hope you enjoyed seeing these items and learning a little more about them.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

You asked for it... You got it!

A visitor to my page asked me if I could post pictures of some of my Bookmarks
It took me a little longer than I had hoped to get my act in gear, but I did, and here are those pictures.

I know there are a few missing, and I'm pretty sure they are stuck in a book somewhere...  To be found again some time later...     I hope!?!?
But I do have a selection to show.

My Thanks go out to that visitor for the request.  It is my pleasure to show off as much of my collection as possible so, by all means, if there is something you would like to see or explore please send in your requests, suggestions and/or thoughts.  I will attempt to do what ever I can.

As we can see, the majority of my bookmarks are from a series of yearly Calendar Bookmarks that are double sided.  I have been getting them in sets of 3 for each year and I have, so far, from 2011 through to 2016.  There are also two sets that are non-calendar, with just some cool art graphics of "Things King".
I get them from a very nice seller on EBay who makes and sells a wide variety of bookmarks.  They are very well done, priced very reasonably, and always ship fast. (yeah I know, that was a plug, but couldn't help it) 
Here's a few other markers I have.  There's a couple from my favourite Specialty Dealer - The Overlook Connection.  Owner Dave Hinchberger is great for adding little extras with your purchases from his store.  If you have not been to Dave's place, you should check him out.
We also see here a bookmark from The Green Mile and another item that is not quite a bookmark, but more of a page from a promotional note pad.  It is something different and unique, so I thought I would throw it in here.

The next few photos are the reverse sides of  the markers displayed above. 
Well that's about that for now on this topic.  Hope you saw something you liked and enjoyed the visit.
Not sure yet of next post, but I will have something interesting to share on our next visit.  So Please, do come back again........

Sunday, December 20, 2015

WOW! What a Response...

I had no idea - THANK YOU - to everyone!!!
When I first dreamed up this "little project", I wasn't sure if I was just kidding myself.
Would anyone really even be interested or not?
Well I can say that I am both, "Very Surprised" and, "Very Pleased" by the response I have had.
The great support from Family, Friends and so many other great Stephen King Fans from around the world is amazing.

But the most influential support I have received, is from within what is known as "The Stephen King Community".  Those are the folks, and very dedicated individuals, who commit to their passions for King and put it out there for other fans and enthusiasts.  They are the ones who write about, and publish, works about the world of Stephen King.  They are the ones who maintain, (and in at least one case, for 20 years) incredible Websites and Blogs for those seeking "All Things King".

You can't be a serious collector of King without knowing about, and interacting with these great people. 
So, you may ask... What does it take to be a serious collector?
Well, the obvious first step, is the Constant Reader Passion.  Those afflicted know what I'm talking about.
Next is, available financial resources.  That's the toughie...
It is said that collectors can range from those on a "Beer Budget" to those on a "Champaign Budget" and anywhere in between.
I started with the beer budget strategy, but now it would be fair to say I'm into the "Fine Wines Category".  Have yet to reach Champaign, as I don't own any of the very nice Limited or signed editions...yet.
The final step is the sources of supply, as in both information and the actual purchasing of your treasures.   

To say Thanks to some of these great people for their support and encouragement, I would like to point out a few of them here.
Specialty Publishers
These are the great publishers of very fine editions of King's books, as well as great books about Stephen King and his works.  Presses like Cemetery Dance, where they publish a great magazine featuring horror and dark fantasy fiction as well as their very nicely done specialty editions. 
I will be doing some feature presentations of a number of great pieces I have from them.

Specialty Dealers and Sellers
To locate those items that you just won't find at your local used book and/or magazine stores, you need to be on the lists with specialty book sellers and dealers.  For example places like The Overlook Connection Bookstore and Press.  The owner Dave Hinchberger and I have had a "dealing" relationship since the early 1990's.  Man, that was before the internet days... Mail Order Catalogues...
We are still going strong toady with orders stacking up.  Dave has also published some cool King books that I will be showing off later.
Time Tunnel was another nice source back in those days too.  There will also be a presentation on specialty dealers and catalogues later on...

Staying Connected Online
For the best in up-to-date information on Stephen King related news today, we have the Internet.
And by far, the best King online source of news and info is Lilja's Library.  If you have never been there, you need to check it out.  He has even published a book featuring his website and its history.  This coming year will be Lilja's 20th year and he will be doing things to celebrate it over the year.
And, in my opinion, the second best site online goes to Talk Stephen King.  It is an amazing Blog that I have been following for years now.  David has a way of finding the unique and always interesting tidbits of King info and news.  I also enjoy his own thoughts, comments and journals on everything Stephen King.  He has also published a book of his own, A Face Among The Masters, that compares King's status among other great authors in history.
It was David's kind words on his site about my efforts and his welcoming my voice to "the King community" that felt the best.  Thanks David! 
Thanks again to everyone.  I appreciate all your kind words and thoughts.
If there is something I can bring off the shelves to look at, please let me know.
In fact my next post will be a response to a request from a page visitor. 
Stay tuned...

Mass Market Trade Paperback Editions

To finish out the more traditional mass market versions of King's books published, and that I have in my collection, there are the Trade Paperback editions.  Similar in size to the Hard Cover editions but with a "soft" cover.  Not all of King's books have seen this treatment, especially the earlier books, but they are rather common today.

In my first photo I have all The Dark Tower series (except for The Little Sisters of Eluria).  The reason I am holding two copies of the first novel in the series, The Gunslinger, is because one of them has an embossed cover.  King's name and the title are raised, or imprinted, on the cover. 
In the beginning of the publication of the series, the Trade Paperback was the only way the general public could get them.  Unless, of course, you had one of the Limited Donald M Grant editions.
And in the bottom right, you can see I also have Under the Dome in Trade Paperback.

The Dark Tower series with Under The Dome

There was a special Trade Paperback edition of six of King's early books that were published in the early 1990's.  They were referred to as The Collectors Editions
They were released with two separate cover styles and each one had a new "celebrity" introduction by someone different.
Trade Paperback Collectors Editions of 6 early King novels

The celebrity introductions to these titles were as follows:
Carrie - Tabatha King
Salem's Lot - Clive Barker
The Shining - Ken Follett

The Dead Zone - Anne Rivers Siddons
Firestarter - John Grisham
Cujo - Dan Simmons
In my next photo we can see a variety of Kings books in Trade Paperback. 
There's an edition of Carrie that has a new Introduction by Stephen King.
We see there's two versions of The Bachman Books.  There's the one released, in 1985, when it was discovered that King was actually Richard Bachman and, there's the one released in 1996 with a new introduction by King titled "The Importance of Being Bachman".
These are one of the only remaining places you will would be able to find Rage, as King has taken it out of print.  The only King book (to my knowledge), out of print today.
You will see I also have two editions of The Green Mile in Trade Paperback.  Again, one has a nice embossed cover and the other one I found in a used book store with it's own slipcase... Just had to have know?
To finish out this photo, we also have Cycle of the Werewolf, Everything's Eventual with the "1408" movie tie-in cover, Joyland, and Full Dark No Stars with the new story "Under the Weather"

Carrie, The Bachman Books, The Green Mile and others

My next shot is of King's Storm of the Century.  It is the original script for the TV mini series of the same name that King did with ABC for a "major television event".
Storm of the Century

And, in my final photo for this shoot, There is another variety of King Trade Paperback editions.
There's Under the Dome, Lisey's Story, Duma Key, 11-22-63, Doctor Sleep, Mr. Mercedes,  and Revival.  As you can see, there is a wide variety of King's works available in Trade Paperback editions
More recent Trade Paperback editions of King's novels

Well, I think that pretty much covers all of King's books to be found in the traditional mass market formats.  Next, I'll be getting into the Specialty and Limited editions of his books that I have here in my treasure chest.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you are liking what you are seeing.  The really interesting items are yet to come.  I envision this as a long leisurely stroll through the many varied and eclectic items I have to share. 
Please, come along for the journey, I'm sure I'll make it worth your while...

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Mass Market Paperback Editions

Next up are my mass market paperback editions.
As paperbacks are not as collectible (except of course for reading or as interesting as hardcovers, I am not taking them all down for a layout shoot like I did for the hardcovers. 
 My Paperbacks are not as up to snuff as my Hardcovers are. 
I have many of the early ones but am missing many of his newest works.
But, within the paperbacks I do have, there are some very interesting ones.
Like the editions featured in this photo
Here I have selected a few to feature.  For example, there's the nice set of matching cover designs for the first four Dark Tower Novels
I also have some of the original Bachman Paperbacks here, including the movie tie-in edition for The Running Man.   I also, of course, have The Bachman Books paperback that does contain Rage.  And, hiding on the right, is also a copy of The Mist stand alone movie tie-in.
But by far, the most interesting paperbacks I have are the two (black and white covered) True First Editions of Firestarter, that were artificially created as limited editions because of an error at the printers.  Those are the two on the left that have the by-line From the Author of "The Dead Zone".
When the publishers went to press for the novel, they did a "test print run" of just 25,000 copies with those covers.  When they were satisfied that the print run was fine, they then set up to do the actual 1st edition run of 2,000,000 copies.  These covers had the by-line From the Author of "The Dead Zone" and "Cujo.
However, the fellow setting up the plate for the copy right page scratched of the number 1, thereby showing this print run as the second edition when it should have been the First.
With this error, he accidently created a limited first edition of Firestarter in paperback.  To the bane of all us "Completists" out there, who have to have the first edition of everything!!!
For the full story, refer the November 1986 edition of Castle Rock the Stephen King Newsletter.
There have been many different designs and covers for all of Kings books in paperback.  I mean, think about it, only one of his novels (Rage) has been taken out of print.  That means they need a lot of covers... It would be an extremely daunting task to collect ALL of them...
Let's not forget The Green Mile serial set.
And finally, we all remember The Green Mile six part series.  I bought each one as they were released monthly.
And later, I found this cool collected boxed set that came with an added gift.  It was a Green Mile screen saver program for computers.  I did have it installed on and older platform on my home computer and I put it on my computer at work.  It was pretty cool.  Does not work on the newer systems and platforms of today however.  Wonder if anyone could up date it???

Mass Market Trade Hardcover Editions

My Stephen King Mass Market Trade Hardcover Editions

Of all of Kings novels and collections that saw a traditional Hardcover release, I am only missing four.  Those are Salem's Lot, The Shining, The Dead Zone and On Writing.  Except for a few of his earlier books, mine are all pretty much First Editions.
Of all the hardcovers I have, I am only missing the dust jacket for one.  That's Different Seasons. (you can see the "Bare-back" in there to the right of Danse Macabre)
 I must admit, this is the first time I have taken pictures of all my hardcovers
together,laid out like this.
 I had no idea the amount of effort it would take to do this.
 I needed my stepladder to take them all down...
And again to put them all back up into their respective homes.
That empty space at the top of this pic that
As for current market value on any of these, it all comes down to supply and demand, as in any collector's market.  King's earlier releases were much smaller print runs than any of his later works that saw first runs of over a million copies.  The smaller print runs (for example Carrie, that I believe had a first print run of only 26,00 copies) command a higher price on the collector's market.  Unfortunately, in my case I do not own very many first editions of the earlier books.
But this "constant reader" is also a "constant seeker".  I am always on the lookout for those early first editions.
Non-the-less!, I am very proud of my collection and am enjoying sharing it with other Stephen King Fans and Lovers.  I hope you are also enjoying.........